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Cotto Community

"We love working along side team Bianchis Group"

Caring in Bristol 

 For some time now the Bianchis Group have supported various local and international causes be it through events, raffles, food production and volunteering.


At Cotto we want to build on this further, by creating a sustainable model of support that reflects our ethos that good food is central to all communities and running a business that incorporates charitable work as part of its DNA is achievable.

When a dish on our menu is marked with a CCC 50p from each sale will go into our Cotto Community Contribution fund and will directly benefit those charities we have chosen to work with. 

The organisations we will be supporting through the fund are - 

Caring in Bristol

Bristol Pride without Borders

The Square Food foundation

The Mazi Project

We will work closely with these organisations to understand how best this money can be used to support the incredible work they do in our community. We will also be helping these charities through volunteering, food donations/production and using Cotto as a venue for special events.

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